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To & YOU perceive the best possible experience & results. Therefore it's important to pay attention to these points. The truth is: You don't need to achieve anything. You will receive everything. The more you get involved with it, the better you will be able to integrate it. Before you start make sure that you are & remain undisturbed, your sound plays as well as the light does not blind you, so that you see the image clearly. You may arrive within yourself by taking a deep breath & exhaling again - please repeat this several times before focusing your attention on your the screen.

Now feel your embodiment, respond to the living pulsation of the source that you are. Be this love & light that you've never been not. Take back all your energy & power from people, entities, places, portals, past & future times.

"Art is creating
heaven on earth."

I would be blessed, if you'll share your perception & resonance with me (contact button downright).

""Oh, I'd love to be surrounded by this high frequency wherever I'm living & working!" Once you've got the feeling of (this sense of) belonging & remembering, you'll never regret & forget. Once you've opened the door to this world & walked through it, you'll never want to go back, because it's like coming home. Once that fascination of exploring this high energy everywhere catches you, you can buy this high frequency (personal portraits possible). It's not only your personal present, but much more a promising investment.*

If you're like "give me more of that in real life", I offer only a few new spots for my exclusive 1:1 mentoring  (A)LIVE! THE ART OF LIVING.

The vision beyond my work is to visualize my own interpretations of 'big buzzwords‘ & the ‚laws of life' to enable the access to all areas of awakening & evolving

through this takeaway art - for always & everywhere high energy, especially for luxury lifestyle lovers. My intention is to bring the old ancient wisdom into the (digital) new world with labels like: laws of life, universal uniqueness, oneness needs wholeness, limitless potential, wings & roots, cycles & circles (not yet published), isle of tomorrow, spiral dynamics, xy (part of project 2morrowland)

I’m a holistic health manager, mentor, mastermind & high-end retreat leader. Through my extraordinary connection of metaphysics, emotion psychology & energy management I’m opening ‘escaping pressure & worries rooms’ to expand our space. These rooms are enabling quantum leap paths, elevating pure potential, exposing inner power, exploring possibilities, experiencing purpose, expressing multi-passion, the pulse of time & our own truth. My artworks & all the other offerings are an exclusive invitation for building bridges, traveling through the worlds in order to come home inside - to your true self. Welcome to my world of wonder where’s always more possible! In three words I’m & my work is: Intuitive. Inspirative. Innovative.



*„Die auf dieser Website bereitgestellten Informationen stellen keine Finanzberatung dar und sind nicht als solche gedacht. Die Informationen sind allgemeiner Natur & dienen nur zu Informations-

zwecken. Wenn Sie Finanzberatung für Ihre individuelle Situation benötigen, sollten Sie den Rat von einem qualifizierten Finanzberater einholen.“

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